Anonymous: I've always had my own space and now I'm about to have a roommate. Any tips for this transition?

Tip #1: You are not special. Everyone is in this situation and everyone is uncomfortable. Just take a breath and take in the changes.

Tip #2: Respect your roommate. Respect his/her privacy, bedtime, and belongings.

Tip #3: Respect your side of the room. Your roommate will NOT be happy if you’ve got empty pizza boxes and piles of dirty laundry scattered over your bed and desk. “But I’m a messy person” — NOT ANYMORE. “My roommate said they don’t care” — THEY DO.

Anonymous: How do I not get too homesick? I already said goodbye to my parents and cried, so I want to try to feel less sad.

GET BUSY! Go out and do stuff, hang out with friends, walk around your floor and meet people. If you’re doing something and with people you’re less likely to miss your parents. If you get homesick when you’re trying to fall asleep, watch something funny on tv or Netflix. I recommend 30 rock, parks and rec, the office…

Anonymous: is it alright to be nervous? i'm totally nervous and scared about the first couple of days in classes and meeting new people. i just wanna know that i'm not completely alone.

totally normal to be nervous. you’re not alone — every freshman is in the same situation

dimplesvasesandthelike: Why thirsty thursday?

why not?

Anonymous: So I'm an incoming freshman at Texas State University (wooo Go Bobcats!) and it's supposed to be a pretty big party school. In high school, I didn't go to a single party, not for lack of trying though. I'm just kinda scared because I don't really know what happens at parties, and I'd like to go to them in college. Any advice?

I’d say ease your way into it. Make sure you’re with friends and try not to drink too heavily if you’re unsure of your surroundings. More than anything, trust your gut. If something feels wrong, it probably is.

Anonymous: Where did this blog go...

ughh i’m working on it, i have a life GOSSSHHHH

Anonymous: Don't use the excuse "It's COLLEGE! I gotta try this!" No, it's your life. Plan accordingly.

I disagree. College is the time to take risks, do stupid shit (not too stupid), and try new things. Because once you graduate, you’re in the real world and your excuses won’t matter.

Anonymous: is there any shame in dropping a class and taking it over winter break or the summer?

Absolutely not. It’s really common to take summer classes, and way more manageable when you don’t have a ton of other things going on. I took bio last summer and had a great experience.¬†

beholderofauthenticity-deactiva: How can I save money?!
  • thrift stores
  • don’t go out to eat
  • don’t buy things you don’t need
  • buy books from friends/upperclassmen instead of the bookstore